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Hola! My name is Miriam Reyes. I am an energetic Zumba Instructor that has the privilege of sharing my passion for dance and music throughout my classes.


     I grew up in Mexico, where dancing to the beats of salsa, merengue, cumbia and other Latin rhythms was a natural part of my life. My love for teaching Zumba continues to grow as I see people leaving my class with a big smile, feeling energized and motivated to continue reaching their health and fitness goals.


     I lead my class using easy to follow choreographed moves that will make you move from head to toes while burning calories, improving your coordination, balance, flexibility and boosting you cardiovascular health.


     Come and try out my FREE Zumba class. I would love to see you dancing, having fun and sweating. Yes, that's what I call a workout!


    Nos vemos pronto! 



PS: To see my current qualifications please click here 

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